posted on: 2016-03-16


Feet in the sand and "Music for the sake of Music" - a concert chronicle (in German) and great photos by the very perceptive Alex Pop

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posted on: 2016-01-14


Really cool grooves last night in New York as Ana joined renowed musicians Keith LeBlanc on drums and Paul Nowinski on bass, in the Village Arturo's. Nothing like a music trip in the Big Apple!






posted on: 2015-02-25


Full house in the Lagerhalle Osnabrück last night as the 36th edition of the Songnight took place. An event wonderfully organised and moderated by Heinz Rebellius. Here's a fragment of Ana's recital:







posted on: 2014-12-04 


German magazine for culture and society online Doktor Peng is featuring Ana with an interview and a live video excerpt from one of her recent performances


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posted on: 2014-11-24


Cozy in Zürich at Wohnzimmerbar. Chances to drop in again: very high! What a great evening! 

Next on the list: Bayreuth and Hamburg!


wzbzurich websmallPhoto: Petar Naydenov


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posted on: 2014-oct-20


Celebrating the end of the Fall with a small series of intimate concerts around Germany and Switzerland. Hope to meet you along the way!







Last post on facebook:





Oct. 15 - Kietz Comp. Anniversary

Gräbendorf, Heidesee

open for public, free entry


Oct. 20 - Wilma, Berlin

free entry


Oct. 21 - Unterrock, Berlin

free entry



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Ana Patan is a singing/songwriting personage who uses electricity for her guitar, swears by chocolate, hangs around with cats and treats about vital subjects such as box worshipping techniques, fuelling rockets on Italian food or life before toilet paper, organ transplant, hamburgers and high heel shoes. When she's not out there beating up huge teddybears or wearing stripes, she's watching grains of salt going down the drain or teaching pigs to fly. In a word, a peculiar character that you might like to keep an eye on - at least for safety reasons…





posted on: 2014-May-26 




After years of writing, Ana has started the recording of her new album. Drummer Zoltan Czörsz, who is best known for his work with Jan Lundgren Trio and The Flower Kings, came down to Germany and spent 10 days literally hammering it out together with Ana, nailing 20 songs on analogue tape through Neumann Tube Mics and Neve Mic Preamps. The Studer A800 16 track machine kept rolling, filling up reel after reel with takes one better than the other. Zoltan is a truly incredible drummer, with impeccable time, deep groove and amazing dynamics from the most sensitive light touch to the snare drum crack that makes you jump out of your seat.

The journey has truly started, Zoltan and Ana has laid down basic tracks for what promises to be a truly spectacular album.








posted on: 2014-March-5  




Ana had the privilege of visiting Seymour Duncan in his factory in Santa Barbara, California recently.

The ones of you who are familiar with the unmistakable sound of Eric Clapton or Jeff Beck know that Seymour's guitar pickups have a lot to do with it.

Now Seymour is creating a custom pair of vintage sounding humbuckers for Ana's favourite guitar.








posted on: 2014-Febr-12




Two things were bound to happen when Ana met up with prestigious Indian singer Mahesh Vinayakram.

First, by the responsible way Mahesh proceeded to bringing out all his special blends of Indian spices, that they will cook! And eat! Oh, and truth be told, each one of them can eat... But their ravishing apetite is yet another story to be told...

Second, that they will sing and jam! Therefore, when Ana grabbed an acoustic guitar, and Mahesh a small percussion instrument called kanjira, talented lenswoman Pressiana was already there, prepared to capture it in motion.

And music of unblemished solemnity started to... umm... flow (well, sort of, just follow the scrolling titles till the end)...










posted on: 2014-Jan-22 




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For a rehearsal and trial recording the other week, Roberto graced Ana's invitation to lay some grooves on several of her songs. Three days of hard, focused work, but at the end everybody was smiling.