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“A brilliant songwriter” Lee Sklar
“Her vocal leaps seem effortless. At the same time Ana Patan is in full control of her guitaristic craft.” Tagblatt
“A sophisticated jazz/rock style. Her material is characterised by a sultry vocal delivery, along with intelligent and witty lyrics” Radio Wigwam
"The bare yet intricate music is complemented superbly by Ana’s earnest vocals, sometimes fragile and at other times loud and proud." ProgRadar
“Music flowing without limits, without barriers, impetuous like the water in a torrent” Metalhead Italy
“Jazz queen with her guitar” Bild
"Combination of sophisticated music and broadly relatable human themes" The Proglodytes
“Her musical presence brings a charm we’ve been missing” Sound on Sound Magazine
"A deceptive simplicity imbued with richness of subtleties; revelry in wit, warmth, and joy; centering around Patan’s beautiful voice" Radio Eclectic


Ana Patan’s album Spice, Gold and Tales Untold is finally out! As a Bandcamp download for now, and soon to come as a CD and vinyl!

The project has taken around ten years to germinate, mature and ripen into a natural, soothing-sounding product recorded entirely analog on two inch tape, with very little regard for perfect, computerised timing, compression or EQ, but high respect for content, sound texture, and ultimately musical expertise, as well as human interaction.

Center stage is the Song, communicated as raw and direct as possible, in the same form as when perfomed live, stripped of make-up, effects or overproduction.

The album features co-musicians of such names as Zoltan Czörsz, Jonas Hellborg, or Devin Townsend, who had a tremendous impact not only on the end result, but on Ana’s preparations and recording approach as well.  “They raised my standards sky high and I basically had some serious improving to do just to be at the same level as them.” she confesses to Pete Devine from Rock News and Views in an interview.

Ana Patan brings a melting-pot type of music luggage, congenial and familiar, still difficult to place. The German of Romanian descends grew up in a nest of Romantic influence, with a rich folkloric expression of its own, at the crossroads of Western Europe and the Orient. She has been absorbing experiences and making music in many corners of the world, from the ancient republic of Venice to Istambul, from Hong Kong to New York and Los Angeles…
Ana’s sultry voice, guitar playing abilities and her impacting genuineness are in service of a more aware and connected modern world. Her music is extrovert and rich in contrast, organic and intellectual, humorous and critical, energetic and laid-back, a multi-facetted hymn to everyday life, a mirror held to individual and humanity with all faults and splendour. (continue here to the full biography).

Press Features

A long and in-depth dialogue with Harrie de Haas for Ons Nieuws Music about the analog studio where Ana's upcoming album was recorded, the challenges of a self-producer, her opinion of her audience, love for chocolate, adventures from the past and perfect obedience to the advice of chief-assistant Foxy Fluffcore.

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Skillfully guided by Craig E. Bacon for Music Tap, the interview is touching on the different dimensions of Ana's analog recording experience, from the creation process to the actual performance, first-hand insights and studio interaction with music personalities such as Jonas Hellborg, Devin Townsend or Zoltan...

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"[...] Getting rid of misconceptions, ignorance and even tendency to control things that are bound to be bigger than you"
Pete Devine from Pete's Rock News and Views picks Ana's brain on the long process of developing her music, favourite songs to sing in the shower, the lost art of... 

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