Ana Patan nominated for this year’s WIGWAM RADIO AWARDS

Uncategorized / Monday, October 1st, 2018


British radio station Wigwam nominated Ana Patan as one of the artists worthy of their prestigious award, in the folk category!

The Wigwam team has made a name for itself through their seriosity in pursuing the support of independent artists, a much needed activity in the music world of today, where the existing “industry” shows fast signs of collapsing and unability to sustain the quality and diversity of expression that such a creative domain depends upon.

This nomination came as a very pleasant surprise for Ana, who has so far launched officially three of the songs introducing her much-awaited album “Spice, Gold and Tales Untold”.

Obviously, they’ve been making an impact already, paving the path to what shows to be a good result of many years worth of a musician’s work!

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