New release “Soarele Meu”

Uncategorized / Monday, December 23rd, 2019

Singles Bar: “Soarele Meu” by Ana Patan

A brand new release, right on time to celebrate the winter solstice, is “Soarele Meu”, a song in Romanian, with a light swing shuffle and a happy, easy groove about it.

The quite insightful and dexteruous pen of Craig Bacon described it for the readers of Music Tap in the brightest of colors: “Ana Patan […] she leans deep into the pocket of a tight jazz combo for a mood that’s, well…sunny.” “Putting on a brave face has never sounded like so much fun. Come for the lithe shuffle and slight swing, stay for the melodic guitar solo.”

Click here to listen to this song and read about how it came to life and what inspired it

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