Artist of the Day by Indie Music Women

News, Uncategorized / Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

Ana had the privilege of discussing with Linda Garett from Indie Music Women what it means to be an independent female musician in nowadays reality, on the occasion of being featured as their Artist of the Day. There is much to be discussed on the subject of the artists’ independence in such times when the music industry is hardly an industry anymore and the small artist’s rights are so far from being protected in the digital era. And there’s an extra layer of difficulty when one’s a woman. It seems that now, as much as ever, or maybe even more today, the main focus should be keeping your eyes on what’s important and staying true to what you believe in.

“Music is not a business plan, or a way of making money, or advertising for a product, it is not even entertainment! Music is a very serious way of reflecting the world through sound waves and emotions, and when I make it I feel responsible for every step of the way, for it to be as faithful to reality as it can be – for me as an independent musician it means learning all the aspects of delivering the purest quality of goods directly from the oven, which for you as a listener of independent music means getting the closest soul-to-soul connection with music you could get!”

You may read the entire article here (clicking on the link opens a new window)

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