Revista Tango

Uncategorized / Thursday, August 20th, 2020

More and more, the Romanian press is starting to show an interest in Ana’s activity – after all, that is where she started off as an artist more than twenty years ago!

Era ediția în care câștiga locul I. Voce limpede, amprentă solidă în corzile vocale și coardele chitarei, niciun vicleșug la mijloc. Cânta exact așa cum era, adică autentică.”

“It was the year when she won the first prize. Clear voice, a strong character in her vocal and guitar chords, no tricks involved. She was sounding just as she was, that is, authentic.”

Here’s a discussion (in Romanian) with Manu Pencea for Tango Magazine, following the red line of these couple of decades’ career, touching on those yearly beginning times, what happened since and some of today’s adventures and projects.

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