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News, Uncategorized / Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

It’s wonderful to escape the limitations of tags, compartments and styles, and simply enjoy music for what it is, help it where it wants to go! That says much about Luca Piotto, the writer of this review for who introduced “Spice, Gold and Tales Untold” to the mellow hearts of Italian metalheads.

“Piuttosto molta atmosfera, una intensa dose di funk, jazz, prog, musica alla quale non interessa appartenere ad un genere, musica che vuole essere suonata, che vuole suonare, impressionare, coinvolgere e divertire. […] Tanto groove, molto jazz, divagazioni rock, il tutto in chiave alternativa, personale”

“Most of all a great presence, an intense dose of funk, jazz, prog, music that is not interested in belonging to a genre, music that wants to be played, to impress, to involve and to entertain. […] Lots of groove, much jazz, rock passages, everything in a mood that is alternative and very personal.”

Grazie, ragazzi, per la apertura e elasticità mentale!

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