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Uncategorized / Wednesday, April 14th, 2021
“Ana is one of those ‘heart on their sleeve’ artists, her lyrics are personal, yet relatable, her sound is a little jazzy, a little funky. It contains elements of rock, even prog to some degree. Most of all it contains soul. You can just feel her smile, laughter and sometimes heartache filter through as Ana reveals her deepest emotions and memories to the listener.”

It was with a well documented and warm insight that Pete Devine reviewed Ana’s record “Spice, Gold and Tales Untold” for Rock News and Views, a publication that has been supporting Ana’s music for

“So if you want music that will lift you up, make you feel stress-free and invigorated, have moments of pure joy, excitement and love, music that will also make you think and question the norm, then “Spice, Gold and Tales Untold” is the album for you. It took 10 years to make, so on that basis  it looks like 2031 is going to be a great year for music too.” (read the whole article here) 

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