Rock'n'Roll Magazines Notices Ana's Performance at the Fuzz Guitar Show

The latest issue of Rock'n'Roll Magazine publishes an account of Ana's performance at the Fuzz Guitar Show 2019, where pedal company EBS hosted a set of her latest compositions.


Live video of next song release "Soarele Meu"

Next song to be launched soon, from the upcoming album, is "Soarele Meu". A samba-like groove with an optimistic statement that things will always get well again ("My sun will rise again"), in Ana's mother tongue. Here's a live video preview of it, recorded the other week in Berlin, at RadioDario, with Omeye Abbass-Yacoub on the bass.

Ana Patan performs Soarele Meu for the Soundcheck Series at Radio Dario


Ana on Partos' Show

Episode 166 of Foc de PAE, a two hours long Romanian show hosted by music journalism authority Andrei Partos, had Ana Patan as a guest this April 15th. The jovial chat, broadcasted live online for more than 6000 viewers and uploaded afterwards as the following Youtube video, had an interactive audience and touched on all sorts of subjects from social topics to music instruments, spinning memories, presenting cats, changing from Romanian to English and back, and going havoc while Ana played some of her new songs live with guitar and looper.


Ana Patan nominated for this year's Wigwam Radio Awards

British radio station Wigwam nominated Ana as one of the artists worthy of their prestigious award, in the folk category!

The Wigwam team has made a name for itself through their seriosity in pursuing the support of independent artists, a much needed activity in the music world of today, where the existing "industry" shows fast signs of collapsing and unability to sustain the quality and diversity of expression that such a creative domain depends upon.

This nomination came as a very pleasant surprise for Ana, who has so far launched officially three of the songs introducing her much-awaited album "Spice, Gold and Tales Untold".

Obviously, they've been making an impact already, paving the path to what shows to be a good result of many years worth of a musician's work!

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