Virtual concert tomorrow!

Virtual concert

Later edit: The aprox. 44 mins. live performance is now available here on Youtube, and the album containing the songs is here on Bandcamp  (Spice, Gold and Tales Untold)

Ana is playing a virtual concert tomorrow, Sunday, Sep. 13 at 19:00 CET, in a small band formation, from the studio, together with Per Stadin (b.) and Rickard Langnesund (dr.), that will be streamed on German site Dringeblieben.

You’ll find the link here:

Share it with friends, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy!

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Revista Tango

More and more, the Romanian press is starting to show an interest in Ana’s activity – after all, that is where she started off as an artist more than twenty years ago!

Era ediția în care câștiga locul I. Voce limpede, amprentă solidă în corzile vocale și coardele chitarei, niciun vicleșug la mijloc. Cânta exact așa cum era, adică autentică.”

“It was the year when she won the first prize. Clear voice, a strong character in her vocal and guitar chords, no tricks involved. She was sounding just as she was, that is, authentic.”

Here’s a discussion (in Romanian) with Manu Pencea for Tango Magazine, following the red line of these couple of decades’ career, touching on those yearly beginning times, what happened since and some of today’s adventures and projects.

Artist of the Day by Indie Music Women

Ana had the privilege of discussing with Linda Garett from Indie Music Women what it means to be an independent female musician in nowadays reality, on the occasion of being featured as their Artist of the Day. There is much to be discussed on the subject of the artists’ independence in such times when the music industry is hardly an industry anymore and the small artist’s rights are so far from being protected in the digital era. And there’s an extra layer of difficulty when one’s a woman. It seems that now, as much as ever, or maybe even more today, the main focus should be keeping your eyes on what’s important and staying true to what you believe in.

“Music is not a business plan, or a way of making money, or advertising for a product, it is not even entertainment! Music is a very serious way of reflecting the world through sound waves and emotions, and when I make it I feel responsible for every step of the way, for it to be as faithful to reality as it can be – for me as an independent musician it means learning all the aspects of delivering the purest quality of goods directly from the oven, which for you as a listener of independent music means getting the closest soul-to-soul connection with music you could get!”

You may read the entire article here (clicking on the link opens a new window)

New release “Soarele Meu”

Singles Bar: “Soarele Meu” by Ana Patan

A brand new release, right on time to celebrate the winter solstice, is “Soarele Meu”, a song in Romanian, with a light swing shuffle and a happy, easy groove about it.

The quite insightful and dexteruous pen of Craig Bacon described it for the readers of Music Tap in the brightest of colors: “Ana Patan […] she leans deep into the pocket of a tight jazz combo for a mood that’s, well…sunny.” “Putting on a brave face has never sounded like so much fun. Come for the lithe shuffle and slight swing, stay for the melodic guitar solo.”

Live video of next song release “SOARELE MEU”

Next song to be launched soon, from the upcoming album, is “Soarele Meu”. A samba-like groove with an optimistic statement that things will always get well again (“My sun will rise again”), in Ana’s mother tongue. Here’s a live video preview of it, recorded the other week in Berlin, at RadioDario, with Omeye Abbass-Yacoub on the bass.

ROCK’N’ROLL MAGAZINE notices Ana’s performance at the FUZZ GUITAR SHOW

The latest issue of Rock’n’Roll Magazine publishes an account of Ana’s performance at the Fuzz Guitar Show 2019, where pedal company EBS hosted a set of her latest compositions.

Ana on Partos’ Show

Episode 166 of Foc de PAE, a two hours long Romanian show hosted by music journalism authority Andrei Partos, had Ana Patan as a guest this April 15th.

The jovial chat, broadcasted live online for more than 6000 viewers and uploaded afterwards as the following Youtube video, had an interactive audience and touched on all sorts of subjects from social topics to music instruments, spinning memories, presenting cats, changing from Romanian to English and back, and the network going havoc while Ana played some of her new songs live with guitar and looper:

Click on the images below to read the article on the redaction page, with an artist presentation and the afterwards impressions of the podcast (in Romanian):

Foc de P.A.E. – episodul 166. Invitată: Ana Pătan, în direct prin Skype din Suedia (16.04.2019)


Interview for Ons Niews Music

“[…] watching the great ones at work, see where their focus is, their reactions, and how their skills are only servants of that higher vision, understanding and respect for music.”

Click here to read a in-depth dialogue with Harrie de Haas for Ons Nieuws Music about the analog studio where Ana’s upcoming album was recorded, the challenges of a self-producer, Ana’s opinion of her audience, her love for chocolate, adventures from the past, and her perfect obedience to the advice of chief-assistant Foxy Fluffcore!

Ana Patan nominated for this year’s WIGWAM RADIO AWARDS


British radio station Wigwam nominated Ana Patan as one of the artists worthy of their prestigious award, in the folk category!

The Wigwam team has made a name for itself through their seriosity in pursuing the support of independent artists, a much needed activity in the music world of today, where the existing “industry” shows fast signs of collapsing and unability to sustain the quality and diversity of expression that such a creative domain depends upon.

This nomination came as a very pleasant surprise for Ana, who has so far launched officially three of the songs introducing her much-awaited album “Spice, Gold and Tales Untold”.

Obviously, they’ve been making an impact already, paving the path to what shows to be a good result of many years worth of a musician’s work!

New release “Colors on Hormones” premiered with interview on Music Tap


Skillfully guided by Craig E. Bacon for American magasine Music Tap, the interview is touching on the different dimensions of Ana’s analog recording experience, from the creation process to the actual performance, first-hand insights and studio interaction with music personalities such as Jonas Hellborg, Devin Townsend or Zoltan Csörsz.

The discussion stands out through the spontaneity of answers and reactions and makes a point of introducing Ana’s new song, “Colors on Hormones”, which will have its official release on all music platforms on September 12 2018. The piece refers to Hong Kong, an exotic city of superlatives, “challenging all senses, of verticality, colour, sound, roots, reality…”

Until then, the prerelease version can be heard (and even downloaded for free for the next two weeks only) on Ana’s bandcamp page:

Vor 3 Jahren war sie schon mal da, war cool, deshalb kommt sie am 15.11. wieder, Ana Patan aus Rumänien, wir freuen uns auf das Wiedersehen 😎

Posted by Jever Song Night on Thursday, November 8, 2018

Fun starts after the concert: A really fine plate of tapas for the hungry musicians and their wonderful friends!

Posted by Ana Patan on Tuesday, September 13, 2016
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