On the Romanian National Television

I have the honor of being included in a documentary/interview on Romanian musicians across the globe that is being aired on July 2 2022 at 22 Romanian time on national TV post TVR3.

Hat Tip to Doru Ionescu and his professional team of young journalists, of which interviewer Iona Ivaș (13) was a beautiful surprise!

Here’s a video of the transmission


Story in Gitarre & Bass

I am featured in the most recent issue (February 2022) of prestigious German magazine Gitarre & Bass, with an interview on three pages, conducted by the versed Heinz Rebellius!

The essence of a two-hours-long discussion online – and probably the longest I’ve been talking about guitars ever. Not that I don’t like guitars – I am quite fascinated by this graceful and versatile instrument, but more than talking about them I like to fight them! 😉 (alluding to the last part of the text, which I intend to translate from German and post here soon.)


Back to Gitarre & Bass, this is the magazine I’ve been collecting and studying with for so many years, and, like any musician in Germany  I suppose, worshipping to bits! That’s why it’s still difficult for me to believe this has just happened! Thanks to Klemens Möllenbeck (credits for the pic above), and to one more friend in Germany, Johannes Leitner, who sent prompt photos and provided some sort of proof!

Guitars and Vocals on Devin Townsend’s Latest Release

I am thrilled to be a contributor on Devin Townsend’s latest double-album The Puzzle/Snuggles!!

Earlier this year, when Devin sent his pretty gob-smacking raw sketches of these two very avantgarde compositions, two tracks of about 70 and 40-something minutes respectively, I was going through a quite dark and stressful time, so his message was a real godsend (if not even a townsend?)! It was something like “See if it inspires you to anything, just add anything you feel, anywhere…”.
So I just went crazy with it, suspecting he won’t keep anything anyway! Out-to-luch guitar lines, vocalising of showers of bugs/towers of mugs, and other such nonsense, are you kidding me?…
…But yeah, it turns out he liked it and he put that on the record…!

This is the collective of collaborators as it shows up on the record(s). One can only imagine what a huge ammount of work it must have been to put all this together into what it turned out to be! That’s why the guy in the middle occupies four times the space of any other… because he’s being humble about it, he easily deserves 20 times that…

(here an article by Greg Kennelty for Metal Injection listing everyone’s names: )

Darkstars – Guitar Special

There seems to be a belief that one can never talk enough about guitars, play enough guitars or look at enough pictures of guitars. I don’t share that belief, but I do happen to be in the game somehow, so when I’m asked about my view on guitars I will give it (in a way that won’t have me crucified by the community, of course). There were more pics to choose from, but mostly the ones containing legs made it in the final version of this Darkstars Guitar Special article. You’ll find the link below, together with a small fragment from the interview, hope you enjoy!



“The guitar is such a versatile tool, can cover such diverse grounds and replace so many instruments, it can lay down pads, fill up gaps, give accents, keep a groove, decorate where necessary. Can take a song anywhere, giving it dreaminess, melody or edge, getting it to soothe or shock, or just support it in a simple way.  There’s so much to do on the guitar, I’m surprised of any guitarist practicing to sound like another guitarist, when there are so many unexplored options.  In fact, that’s why I was forced to pick up the guitar myself, in lack of a supporting, sensitive guitar player who wouldn’t play millions of notes a minute to show off his technical skills.”



The Resistance Movement

“It is a compositional “tour de force” in the jazz-rock field, with thoughtful lyrics, celebrating the sprightliness of life. Although surrounded by high-calibre musicians like Zoltan Csörsz (Flower Kings) -drums, Jonas Hellborg (Ginger Baker, John McLaughlin etc.)- bass, plus the famed Devin Townsend (who’s playing…bass on the song “Trivialize Love”), they not only avoid taking over, but also highlight Ana and her compositions (music and text). This I find remarcable!”

24 years ago, journalist Alex Revenco was announcing in a main newspaper my winning of a quite important music festival, back in native Romania. Now he is reporting again, on some of my music adventures since, the new album and the remarcable musicians that have been providing all the help and inspiration for this marathon project.

Click here for the full article (in Romanian) on rock platform The Resistance Movement (


Art/Music Exhibition

In these pandemic times, that make it difficult for the musician and the audience to meet, it’s inspiring to find alternative opportunities for making this happen!
Such as this collaboration with progressive and adventurous artist Luciana Tamas, whose art exhibition is happening these days, in Braunschweig, Germany! She has invited artists from different fields to contribute works, and I am is happy to represent Music, alongside bass virtuoso Jonas Hellborg!
Whoever is inspired and lucky enough to visit Tamas’ exhibition “Kritik der häuslichen Vernunft” (“Critique of Domestic Reason”), and its joint “project24 plus: artist to artist” until the 25 of July 2021 in halle267—städtische galerie braunschweig, can also view my video “Mood”, and a magnificent Hellborg improvisation over a Swedish lullaby called “Byssan Lul”.
The videos are also available online here:



When Words Fail…

James Cox in South Carolina payed a visit to this charming place in the Swedish forest via Zoom for a lengthy conversation on music and other aspects of life and creation, for When Words Fail Music Speaks.

The audio version is online here , and the video interview will follow soon.

Here’s what When Words Fail Music Speaks have to say of this meeting:

Ana Patan is the most down to earth, sweetest person we’ve ever met doing this podcast! It’s no wonder we fell in love with her and her music! 

Ana’s new record “Spice, Gold and Tales Untold” takes me back to great times in my life to where I had the most fun! 🤘🏻

Her music also helps with my depression. With just listening to one song or the whole album, instantly makes me feel 10,000 times better

In this great interview we discussed:

🎤Her life in Romania and a contest she entered
🎸Her all female band “Triple Sweet”
🎸Guitars she has
🎤Her injury of her wrist
🎤Her latest album “Spice, Gold and Tales Untold”


Guitare Xtreme Magazine – France

Guitare Xtreme Magazine – le magazine des guitaristes features Ana in their May 2021 issue (no. 101) with a set of questions on her prefered playing equipment and setup, music influences, past career and of course her newly released album “Spice, Gold and Tales Untold”.



It is thrilling that Patan’s introduction to the French audiences is made through such a distinguished publication!


Virtual concert tomorrow!

Vor 3 Jahren war sie schon mal da, war cool, deshalb kommt sie am 15.11. wieder, Ana Patan aus Rumänien, wir freuen uns auf das Wiedersehen 😎

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things have a way of settling in you’ll see though nothing will probably be what you expect it to be you’re already all right take a smaller bite stop being so tight this is not a fight things have a way of saving the day you’ll see

Posted by Ana Patan on Sunday, July 4, 2021

Fun starts after the concert: A really fine plate of tapas for the hungry musicians and their wonderful friends!

Posted by Ana Patan on Tuesday, September 13, 2016
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