Streamed Concert – A 44′ Live Performance

Concert streamed from Sweden for on 13.092020, with Per Stadin (bass) and Rickard Langnesund (drums), a live performance of the album “Spice, Gold and Tales Untold”, which can be found here:

Monty Python Cover – Galaxy Song

A contribution for London’s Radio Wigwam Lock Down Lounge Series, and at the same time a tribute to this iconic comedy group that Ana is a dedicated fan of! Filmed in an idyllic summer scenery in Norway.

21st Century Citizen – live with band

Brand new video of “21st Century Citizen”, one more song from the upcoming album, laying down a grinding groove about the pressures of our modern existence.

Soarele Meu – live for Radio Dario

A live version of Soarele Meu, performed for the Soundcheck series of Radio Dario in Berlin.

A couple of fragments from two songs, “How Could We Live Before”, and “A Grain of Salt”, performed live in Berlin

Soarele Meu (live with Zoltan Csörsz)

From a concert with drummer Zoltan Czörsz in Zeltnerschloss Nuremberg.

“A Grain of Salt”, live in Osnabrück

“A Grain of Salt”, solo live performance at Songnight in Lagerhalle, Osnabrück

“Undeciphered”, Acoustic at Radio Alex

This was one of the songs performed live and acoustic at Radio Alex Berlin, together with bassist Omeye Abbass

“Pity for You” live with Omeye Abbass

From an intimate concert at club/gallery Wilma, in Berlin

“General Conspiracy” Teaser

Small teaser clip for the release of “General Conspiracy”, introducing album “Spice, Gold and Tales Untold”

No teddybears were harmed in the making of this video!

“Nap and Cuddle”, Videoclip

A peaceful ballad, ode to laziness and a lightminded exercise into piano comping

Live concert in Prague, fragments

Ana live in Prague, alone with a guitar and a looper

“Identity”, Cowhide House Concerts

There’s no room for pretending in a house concert. Here’s Identity, revealed in a direct, warm experience in a home in Frankfurt.