Darkstars – Guitar Special

News / Monday, November 29th, 2021

There seems to be a belief that one can never talk enough about guitars, play enough guitars or look at enough pictures of guitars. I don’t share that belief, but I do happen to be in the game somehow, so when I’m asked about my view on guitars I will give it (in a way that won’t have me crucified by the community, of course). There were more pics to choose from, but mostly the ones containing legs made it in the final version of this Darkstars Guitar Special article. You’ll find the link below, together with a small fragment from the interview, hope you enjoy!



“The guitar is such a versatile tool, can cover such diverse grounds and replace so many instruments, it can lay down pads, fill up gaps, give accents, keep a groove, decorate where necessary. Can take a song anywhere, giving it dreaminess, melody or edge, getting it to soothe or shock, or just support it in a simple way.  There’s so much to do on the guitar, I’m surprised of any guitarist practicing to sound like another guitarist, when there are so many unexplored options.  In fact, that’s why I was forced to pick up the guitar myself, in lack of a supporting, sensitive guitar player who wouldn’t play millions of notes a minute to show off his technical skills.”





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