Guitars and Vocals on Devin Townsend’s Latest Release

News, Uncategorized / Wednesday, December 15th, 2021

Absolutely thrilled to be a contributor on Devin Townsend’s latest double-album The Puzzle/Snuggles!!

Earlier this year, when Devin sent his pretty gob-smacking raw sketches of these two very avantgarde compositions, two tracks of about 70 and 40-something minutes respectively, I was going through a quite dark and stressful time, so his message was a real godsend (if not even a townsend?)! It was something like “See if it inspires you to anything, just add anything you feel, anywhere…”.
So I just went crazy with it, suspecting he won’t keep anything anyway! Out-to-luch guitar lines, vocalising of showers of bugs/towers of mugs, and other such nonsense, are you kidding me?…
…But yeah, it turns out he liked it and he put that on the record…!



This is the collective of collaborators as it shows up on the record(s). One can only imagine what a huge ammount of work it must have been to put all this together into what it turned out to be! That’s why the guy in the middle occupies four times the space of any other… because he’s being humble about it, he easily deserves 20 times that…

(here an article by Greg Kennelty for Metal Injection listing everyone’s names: )

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