Colors on Hormones

"Colors on Hormones was written in one of Hong Kong's surreal parks, of blooming orchids and talking parrots, and in a hotel room on floor thirty-something, looking up to the brightly-lit, sky-high buildings around, and down to the colored miniature-like traffic. I felt small and big, empowered and intimidated, confused and peaceful at the same time. I only hope I managed to put at least one tenth of that feeling into this song"
Aural impression of an exotic, bedazzling, frantic, exciting, intimidating, inspiring city - Hong Kong, a place of superlatives, challenging all senses, of verticality, color, sound, roots, reality...


I am lying on an ivory grand piano
listening to colors
in the middle of the glass and concrete jungle
there are flowers

I am lying on a black marble bench
listening to colors
the purple in the orchid tree
the yellow in the talking parrot

colors on hormones
so sharp and strong
alive and high
colors on hormones
pushing up the sky

I am lying on a windowsill
just twenty floors below
the top of the world
up and down
left and right
day and night
colors spread uncontrolled

and they grow
and they grow
they take over what’s left
of my once latin soul
and they get
to me, I forget
I’m just an
alien in old Hong Kong

colors on hormones
sharp and strong
alive and high
colors on hormones
pushing up the sky


release date Nov. 1, 2018
Recorded at Bardo Music Studios
Mixed by Scud Noonan
Vocals and guitars Ana Patan
Bass Jonas Hellborg
Drums Zoltan Csörsz