“A treat for inquisitive minds”

News, Uncategorized / Sunday, September 3rd, 2023

British journalist Steve Lazenby finds in Ana Patan’s album “Spice, Gold and Tales Untold” so much more than the obvious, which makes this review particularly commendable!

He writes with the knowledge and sympathy of an insider, of a participant in the music, an attitude which allows him to understand a lot of the discrete meanings, in the lyrics, in the chords and in the way everything is played. In any work of art which took a decade to exist, there are bound to be plenty of details easy to miss or be brushed aside by anyone whose job is to hear and review a lot of albums daily. That trap is not for Mr. Lazenby, who managed to guide the listener along all the little miracles of this collection.


“desperately clever […] achingly beautiful”

“…achieves that very difficult trick of appearing to be one of the most utter simplicity but is, in reality, a very cleverly constructed piece of music and, perhaps more than most, achieves that “in the living room” effect for the listener.”

“Modern punk rock sensibilities infused with the blues. By god, this is so good. ”

“This piece of music will be an extremely strong contender for my “track of 2023” when it comes to the year close.”

“This is an album which ultimately makes me smile and feel good when I hear it, and, mind, also about our future as a race, because as long as we can express ourselves in this manner, there will always be hope.

Very highly recommended.”

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