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Romania, Uncategorized / Friday, July 7th, 2023

… from Romania, has recently (in its issue from September 2022) graced my musical efforts with a favourable album chronicle, by noteworthy author Doru Ionescu, in their official monthly magazine “Actualitatea muzicala” (The musical Actuality).

“A German of Romanian origins with the most spectacular rise of all Romanian pop-rock musicians in the last years. Laudative cronicles, votes from music lovers and journalists all over Europe. I’d call her a self-made woman. She sings and plays the electric guitar, solo or in various combinations, duo, trio […]

And it wasn’t the effort of re-establishing herself in a new country that was the key moment in Ana’s life, but getting affected by tendinitis, a sickness which ends your music career if you’re a guitar player. Though she pushed through and got over everything. What didn’t bring her down made her stronger. That hardship proved to bring out her best resources for getting well and seeing her ambition come true: recording the album she’s always dreamed of. […]”

Actualitatea Muzicala 2022-09


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